It started in July 2012 at the first Hail and Horn Gathering. At the end of the weekend the folk came together to discuss how the event went and to plan for the next year. Auz and Eric, the organizers, were clearly exhausted. They had given a gift of time, work and themselves to the gods and community. As it was the first year for the gathering, they had done almost everything themselves.
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The Course of My Studies Part One


“At the very dawn of religion, God was a woman. Do you remember?” – From: When God Was a Woman by Merlin Stone, 1931 – 2011


Like many Pagans, Merlin Stone’s book was amongst the first I found. Interestingly, I find that many Pagans my age or younger have, in fact, not read this book; as well as others like it such as “The Wise Wound” for an example. I was not like many of my generation’s young Pagans in that my very first book on Paganism came from the hand of Silver Ravenwolf.
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