A Piece

I have decided to add another piece to the divination set. Maybe two.

For a while, during the earliest stages of the collection, there was a stone indicating health/medicine/medical care/healing/your body. It was a rose quartz. But I also had a strawberry quartz in the set and the two looked alike enough to confuse other people and even myself in low light conditions (I have lousy eyesight). Plus the rose quartz wasn’t exactly ideal for the purpose so at some point (during a downsizing phase of the collection) it was removed and never replaced.
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A Dream

I find myself standing in unfamiliar territory. I have never seen a city on this Side before. Wait … maybe I didn’t go down and am still in Midgard? I feel embarrassed. How did I manage that? I am standing on a sidewalk in what looks like a major eastern city, New York, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, something like that. I wonder if I ought to just turn back, find my way home.
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Most ancient cultures used incense for sacred, healing and practical purposes. It’s likely we even tossed a few pleasant smelling plants into the fire back when we lived in caves. And were delighted to find some of them even kept the bugs out, could heighten the senses, get you high or just cover up the stench of human habitation.
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