About Juniper

Juniper will ruin any preconceived notions you may have about her. She will also be the first person to point out that her socks don’t match. If you attempt to put her on a pedestal, she will jump off at the first opportunity.

Juniper has moved around a lot in her life; she grew up in various parts of British Columbia, and spent her twenties and early thirties moving everywhere from Alberta, to Texas, to Ontario. Currently, she lives in rural Ontario, in an old stone school house. She has a husband, a small business, a dog, and too many cats.

Now in her late 30s, Juniper has been practising witchcraft and paganism, in one form or another, for around 20 years. While much of her practice is private and solitary, she has friends that she circles with, and has always tried to be of use in the public pagan community where she lives. She’s blogged, done podcasting, and written stuff that has been published. She’s volunteered at many festivals and events. Juniper is the lead organizer of the Witches Sabbat at Raven’s Knoll.

Juniper has never styled herself as a guru or wise teacher, she is just a messy hedgewitch who speaks her mind. She has no initiations to brag of, or keep secret. She does believe in sharing experiences and knowledge among her compatriots, however.

This is not the first version of Walking the Hedge, and it probably won’t be the last. It is a collection of articles and essays, mostly written by Juniper, but not all of them. A well as blog posts, journaling, photos, podcast episodes and more. Some of the content is quite old, and may reflect Juniper’s thoughts and feelings over 10 years ago. Also tounge-in-cheek may often be the best way to read this website.

The content of Walking the Hedge focuses on hedgewitchery, traditional witchcraft, paganism, spirit work, the poison path … you get the idea.