A Crafter’s Prayer

May the Winds of intellect enlighten me
May the Fires of passion fuel me
May the Waters of creativity fill me
May the foundations of the Earth ground me

May I be blessed with Brighid’s inspiration
May I be blessed with Frigga’s industriousness
May I be blessed with Vesta’s practicality
May I be blessed with Arachnia’s skill

May all these things flow within me
Through my hands
And into that which I create
With those hands

So mote it be

A Devotional Ritual to Cernunnos 2010

This is a variation of my own devotional ritual to Cernunnos. It has been evolving slowly over time, so how it is written here may not be how I will do it a year from this writing. The purpose of this ritual is to create a space where the worlds meet, to open “the door” between and then to invite the god into the ritual space into order to honour him. Its purpose is to give and receive blessings, to make sacrifice, to “spend quality time” with my god, and to continue to build a relationship with him. Also, its purpose as a devotional ritual is to reaffirm my dedication, or devotion, to him.
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