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Book Review: The Secret Lives of Plants

The Secret Lives of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird is worth reading, but is not an easy book at all. Adidas Zx Flux Femme Bleu roshe run femme floral Very scientific and not dumbed down for the layperson (some of the chapters about electromagnetic experiments and plants had to be read while consulting my medicinal shaman and electrical engineer by trade partner.) Amusingly, at the same time I was reading this book, I was also reading a fluffy little herb book which did not discuss the "used to be used for absenthe" about wormwood… 

This book describes many experiments done on and about plants by various scientists, engineers, doctors and horticulturinsts. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Roze Pittsburgh Panthers Air Jordan XX9 Retro
Some ofthe notable research is outlined below.

In the sections about electronic experiments, it was shown that plants can communicate with people and with each other. nike air max 90 pas cher Wichita State Shockers Jerseys Air Jordan 4 They also can pick up on human thoughts. adidas stan smith femme blanche Nike Air zoom Pegasus 33 damskie Cleveland Cavaliers One plant would always emit the same reading on the electronic sensor whenever a researcher thought about sex, so much so that it became a lab running joke! Plants could also sense when someone was intending to harm them, and the plant would wilt slightly.

In the plants and music experiment section– people would play music for plants and they would grow bigger; however they do have musical taste– they like Kirtan and classical but do not seem to care for deathmetal. adidas yeezy boost 350 femme North Texas Mean Green Jerseys Apparently, the soil near plants that were sung to was warmer than the quiet control plants.

In the plants and light section, plants were shown to have an internal clock. sac à dos fjallraven kanken air max pas cher adidas tubular damskie However, if plants were taken into a mine too far away from the sun, they went dormant.

There is a discussoin of an Odic force which runs thru all living things– kind of like Wilhelm Reich's Orgone energy– which links organic and inorganic energy. New Balance 1300 homme Adidas Harden 2.5 Philadelphia 76ers This energy, and electromagnetic energy of many forms, causes plants to grow faster.

Plants were shown to grow to align with the earth's magnetic field.

Plants have auras, as detected by Kirilian photography, and a dead leaf has no aura.After leaves are cut, they start to lose their aura until they arre dried up and have none. New Balance 993 femme Canotta All Star 2016 Nike Air Max 1 This aura was also detected with other instruments and was used by some foodies to determine freshness and potency for food.

In the Soil section, a link was made between monoculture and soil depletion (thi link was made before the 2nd world War, but there are whole states full of BT corn… Nike Air Max Command Homme Bo Jackson Womens Jordan Retro 3 Why?) Nitrogen fertilizer poisons groundwater and will cause soil imbalances but using manure would not. Illinois State Redbirds air max 2017 heren nike air max 1 print donna Organic farming was discussed– the Law of return was defined that the soil will put out what you put in.

Angel’s Trumpets

Plant Information for "Angel's Trumpet"

Brugmansia is the scientific name.

People confuse with Datura, but that is a separate plant (Datura grows with the bells pointing up, hence is called "Devil's Trumpet" and Brugs grow pointing down, hence are called "Angel's Trumpet".)
Very fragrant plant
Night blooming species– polinated by Sphynx Moth and bats (do not grow next to tomatoes, or else you will end up with catepillar issues on the tomatoes… Adidas Superstar Femme Blanche sac à dos fjallraven kanken pas cher I grow a sacrificial tomato plant to keep the brugs polinated) Because of this, is associated with Hekate.
Is a small tree or large shrub with large flowers of many colours, esp some of the cultivar species. Nike Roshe Run Dames

Nike Air Max 2017 Uomo

Can grow up to 20 feet tall in native area planted directly in the soil and Will grow to 12 feet tall in a container

Comes from the tropical rainforest of South America
Is poisonous to people and pets if eaten in large quantities, leaves and seeds are most poisonous.
Some people are allergic to the leaves– typically people with aster allergies.
Plant usage– Mystical and Medicinal
Not a food plant, but apparently used by Indigenous peoples medicinally for a variety of ailments (inc. adidas gazelle uomo New Balance 515 hombre anxiety and depression.)
Used in Native American religion for vision questing, finding one's spirit or totem animal, and to journey into the other world. Goedkope Nike Air Max schoenen One source said that the Native peoples used an infusion of this plant on unruly children– apparently so they can contact and be admonished by their ancestor spirits.
South American Native cultures used to expel parasites from the intestines
For vision questing and dreaming, people either smell the plant before sleep or preprare a special infusion mixing it with other herbs. Nike Air Max Thea Print Women

In order to use the infusion, some of the mesoamerican herbal guides i consulted said it is important to fast for a period of time, as there are both spiritual reasons and practical ones (herb has contradiction with other foods.)

Note: I have not made an infusion yet, but there are many books and web resources on the subject.
Ethnobiology tours to Peru for people wishing to do plant based vision quests using this plant and simlar species makes up 30% of the tourism to South America last year.
Plant is a source of the chemicals atrophine and scopolimine– which are used by western medicine for parkinson's disease, montion sickness and for treatment of other illnesses.  (i think these are sourced from the Nightshades for modern pharmacology, since these grow easier in the US.)
Plant Care
Needs a lot of water, I have to water mine 2x per day or else it wilts
Needs part to full sun
Is not a shade plant
Likes to be over 50 degrees F
Can grow in pots or in the ground
Typically people in the US will winter these plants inside
The Pass-a-long plant
I received my first Brugs as a pass along from a neighbor. New Balance 446 mujer Below is the story.
A few years ago, there was a flood in the N. Julian Edelman Jersey Oklahoma City Thunder GA mountains which washed out both roads into my neighborhood. adidas gazelle femme noir Ryan Wendell Oklahoma City Thunder The small town I live in had to open the fire lane thru the power easment for our use. Houston Cougars Asics Onitsuka tiger m?skie

  • Air Max Flyknit Donna
  • On my new route, I passed a house with really great yard and cool plants. christian louboutin Adidas Superstar Dames Toronto Raptors Most of the plants she grows are medicinal in nature– lots of heirloom morning glories, poppies and daturas. Nike Air Jordan 11
    nike air max 1 ultra moire og Scarpe Adidas NMD Runner She has some foxglove and calundias as well.
    I talked to the homeowner (a very very old woman with a thick New Orleans accent) one day when I was stuck in the traffic jam and she gave me 3 of her plants. Adidas Goedkoop Bo Scarbrough Jersey In the South (US), most of the heirloom plants have been preserveed thru the Pass A long tradition. new balance 996 homme pas cher Goedkope Nike Air Max 1 There are even clubs for sharing and swapping cuttings and seeds.

    There are more than a few websites on the phenomenon– http://passalongplants.blogspot.com/ for one.