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Rain Rain Come our way, Rain Rain Go Away

Rain rain come this way, Rain rain go away.

Weather magic has always been part of traditional witches repertoire of tricks. Being magicians of nature, and the walker between the worlds, witches traditionally possessed a very intimate relationship with the natural world around them, and thus, naturally will have a strong rapport with the spirits of Nature.

Thus without further ado, here are some spells to help in your weather rambles. Just remember that all of our actions have consequences, good or bad, and you must take responsibility for your own choices and decisions. Weather magic is not something to be done on whim, and only if you had a real need, it likely won’t work when done on whim either.

A spell to bring rain:

To bring rain to a desired area, get a map (drawn, bought, etc) of the desired location or go to the desired location, a blue candle, some rice, a cauldron of water, rain drawing herbs like broom, fern, corn pollen, and/or pansy (if none of these are available, just using the rice will be fine); your broom (not the plant, the tool), blessing oil or a rain drawing oil.

1. Go to the area you wish to bring rain to, or at a cross roads with a map of the place you wish to bring rain to with all of the tools.

2. Purify the ritual area and yourself, then access the compass round if you feel the need, or draw a ring of protection around you at the very least.

3. Invite the spirits of nature and rain making to aid you in your magic, nature spirits that you have established a rapport to, or the traditional elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. I just generally address the spirits of sky, rain and earth (Divine power) to aid me in my magic, that couple with my own inner witch flame (personal power), and the power of my tools (Earth power) is the driving force behind my magic.

4. State your intent to the spirits you have called upon, as well as the universe at large, and the tools before you. As you use each tool, Cleanse, consecrate, and empower them as needed.

5. Charge the candle, carve it with appropriate symbols that mirror your intent, and dress it with oil from wick to base, drawing towards you as you chant your intent. Light it to add power to your magic, and set the mood, tone, and focus for you spell.

6. Fill your cauldron with water, from a local river if possible, or spring water, but tap water would  be fine too. Not collected rain water or bottled water though, because you want the water to be from a flowing moving source. Putting the tap water in a bottle right before the spell to carry to the ritual site is fine.

7. Now begin sprinkling the rice and herbs into the cauldron while chanting and visualizing rain falling on the designated area, starting from a drizzle and working up to the desired degree. Make sure to include a time frame of how long the rain should fall in your chant and when.

8. Continue to focus on rain falling on the designated area in the desired degree and taking your broom, dip it into the cauldron water and begin to sprinkle the water around you  in a clockwise manner. Continue chanting as needed, making to include the time frame for how long the rains should fall, and when.

9. Keep on chanting and focus on the rain pouring in the desired amount until you feel your energy has reached a crescendo, then direct and release the energy into the sky, earth or where you feel it is needed. At the moment of release pour the contents of the cauldron onto the floor of the area where it is going to rain, or on the map of the area where it is going to rain, and bring your broom swiftly down upon it.

10. Seal you spell, and give thanks to the spirits with appropriate offerings and praises.

11. Honour the spirits in the usual way, and take down you compass round

12. Clean up.

13. Depart from the ritual site and have faith.

So here’s the spell, enjoy, and happy rain making, but use with discretion.

You can use this spell, or the age old favourite or striking a wet rag on a stone outside while invoking the devil to make rain fall.

Blessings, and be wise,

Until next time 🙂


Use at your own risk: charms and spells from college

Use at your own risk: charms and spells from college

Flashback alert!!!

Cleaning my closet and I just unearthed some books of shadows/ grimoires from my circle from high school and college. These contained class notes from my pre and early modern religion courses, Dante class, my tarot deck design sketches and meanings, photos, tools sketches, order notes from my Chaos Guild and Crowley days, some poetry, theory and hexes. Will post the interesting stuff as time permits; there's a lot of it.



This is back from my  "I have big hair I cried today to the cure" days… Was the 80s and early 90s and all….

Here are some of the spells:

Get an ex back spell
(note- it does work, a few of us used it more than i wish to admit. Never the best idea of course– if the milk is bad today why on earth would it be good tomorrow?)

If you wish to enhance the spell, evoke Hera or erzulie  or Aphrodite or one of the other marriage or love goddesses and offer them a suitable offering.

Procure a small copper bowl
Put a small amount of your own bodily fluids in it and let dry
Add an activator herb like mandrake. Or rose petals
Bury in the dirt in an area they have to pass often

When at home during a new moon stand by an open window and burn some dragons blood incense and say the refrain below:

"Blessed one and blessed three have my lover return nigh to me"

Binding ritual (we used for the consecration of our circle, can be adapted for a handfasting as well)

Moon deities, hecate persephone and Selene
Offer a rose
HP garbed in silver with a crown of nightblooming flowers

"Stars shining separated by a distance of eternal blackness
Our lady, traverse the distance and bring these bodies together as a constellation
In an ever entwining spiral whose apex is Love
So mote it be"

Tye hairs of the circlemates and place in the mortar
Cover with rose petals amber oil and sandalwood and daimianna leaves
Crush with pestle
Place a drop of the herbal mixture on the wrists of the circlemates

"The seeds have been sown and in perfect love and trust ye be joined"

Bury the remaining materials on the coven grounds saying
"Into the earth the bond is placed
Hallowed this land
This sacred space
May this coven grow and prosper
Until now till forever after.
Do mote it be"

On a wood block carve a seal of soloman with s rose (or whatever power symbol you like– we just used that one)
on the back a piece of paper with the mystical names of those working in the warded space)
Hang above door

Hex bag to aid in trancework and seeing
Green and red interlaced ribbon
Small emerald– raw
Cross made of rosewood stick and oak stick (to represent the cross roads) lashed with black thread.
A small scroll with an intention written on it

String spells
Many simple spells can be done with embroidery yarn.

For diffusing negative energy, we would create an 9 knotted black bracelet to be worn on the right wrist.

"Free from harm
And Free from greed
Free from want
And Free from need

Free from gossip
And free from dread
Free from lying
And free from dead

Free from ill will as we see
Love below will will set me free"

A red and pink cord with 7 knots worked well to attract love, ESP when anointed with libra oils

Binding a person from harming you was done by tying an object associated with a person with a white cord (6 knots if possible)
"Depart from here
Let me be!
Leave me in peace
Do not harm thee!
Find your own pathway
On a different highway !"