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I thought people might be interested to read this blog post I wrote some time ago about my own experiences of the (both literal and metaphorical) hedge.   As I was meditating, knitting and listening to music last night, working my way through the insomnia brought on by discontinuation syndrome from the last lot of failed seizure meds, the term hedgerider came to me as a description for myself. (And I found, upon researching all this, that other witches – mostly those with an English magic or Heathen background – are using the term for themselves.) I was immediately reminded of friends and colleagues who describe their magical practice and their lives as edgewalking – a term which I’ve felt some identification with but which has never sat comfortably enough for me to claim it for myself. Because of my body and my history and my brain and my inclinations our culture places me in many liminal spaces, some of which I do not identify with and some of which I feel very deeply as mine. Adrian Gonzalez Authentic Jersey nike goedkoop In a trance early in my magical practice, perhaps fifteen years ago, I learned that I am meant to be “a go-between”, a role I have embodied in many ways over the years. Scarpe Adidas Online But even though I may live in or move in and out of or between liminal spaces, that image of edgewalking never felt like my own. Air Yeezy Vendre

Maglia Blake Griffin Perhaps it has something to do with one of my disabilities. Being deaf/HoH, I have balance problems. I can’t reliably walk in a straight line down the street. Yeezy Boost 750 I could never walk on balance beams in Gym at school. To walk the knife’s edge…that’s not a metaphor I can feel in my bones. new balance bambino offerte I don’t know what that feels like, to walk straight on that shining edge. Riding, though: that I can do. nike air max 1 og homme I was put on ponies from the time I was a toddler, grew up riding. Riding the night, the storm, with the hunt: ancient images that speak to my soul. And I grew up in a land of hedgerows, many of them 700 year old remnants of medieval field patterns. Scott Chandler Air Jordan 11 Donna There have been hedgerows in my land since the Neolithic, and they have come and gone since: ancient hedges uprooted for the manorial field system, then returning the coming of the Enclosure Acts only to vanish again in the face of modern agriculture with its vast open fields. Adidas Zx Flux Femme Leopard Ours were ancient: hawthorn, blackthorn, dog rose; holly and elder and the guelder rose that marks truly old hedges, grown through with straggles of brambles. They marked the turning year: the first hazy spring green of the edible bread-and-cheese hawthorn buds, foaming white with may blossom in the early summer, drooping with blackberries come autumn, and in winter bare dark bones between the faded fields. All Star 2016 New Balance 574 Donna

new balance 1600 on feet I used to watch the hedging, learned the ancient words: the snedding, pleachers, brush and heatherings of true South of England style hedgelaying. Canotta All Star 2015 SMU Mustangs I always wanted to learn it myself, though now I’ve moved to this hedgeless land I suppose I never will. That is the kind of work I could do happily with my hands, like the coppicing and clearing work I did over the summers, midge-stung and sunburned and rained upon. And hedgerows aren’t simply a substitute for a fence; they are, as the UK Government advisors on nature conservation, the Joint Nature Conservation Committee, point out: “the most significant wildlife habitat over large stretches of lowland UK and are an essential refuge for a great many woodland and farmland plants and animals.” The English Hedgerow Trust tells us that, “Hedgerows are the principal habitat for around 50 existing species of conservation concern in the UK, including 13 globally threatened or rapidly declining species (more than for most other key habitats). They are particularly important for butterflies and moths, farmland birds, bats and dormice… Over 600 plant species, 1500 insects, 65 birds and 20 mammals have been recorded at some time living or feeding in hedgerows. Over 100 species of invertebrates can be found in a typical 20-metre section of hedgerow… New Balance 247 damskie asics gel lyte 3 blu uomo

Hedgerows also act as wildlife corridors for many species, including reptiles and amphibians, allowing movement between other habitats.”< They are communities, pathways, focii of the land. Zapatillas AIR MAX TAILWIND 8 And they are boundaries: my field from yours, farmland from lanes, the domestic from the wild. The root of the word means enclosure; the hedge is the boundary between the known and the unknown. Like the hedgerow itself, natural growth shaped by human hands, it is a meeting of nature and culture, self and other: a marker of the line between this world and another. Nike Air Max 1 m?skie bia?e FREE RN And unlike a wall, the hedge is not absolute: it is a permeable membrane through which things both animal and otherworldly pass. Since at least the 16th century CE it has been associated with the outcast, the poor, the mean, the unwanted. air max pas cher New Balance 420 hombre And, of course, it has been associated with witches. adidas gazelle homme grise Our word hag comes from an Old English term that has been argued to mean “hedge-rider”. NIKE TENNIS CLASSIC ULTRA FLYKNIT

Canotte Portland Trail Blazers (And I found, upon researching all this, that other witches – mostly those with an English magic or Heathen background – are using the term for themselves.) Associated with witches and ghosts, we may note as well in the perhaps-related Norwegian word tysja (fairy, crippled woman) a perceived link between the otherworldy and another class of being relegated by mainstream culture to the realm of the mean and vile: those of us who are disabled. SMU Mustangs Jerseys Like the bent pleachers of the hedge, meanings knot and twist together, grow into a living, thriving thing of many parts. Air Jordan 5 Homme And if we have the knowledge, we can straddle it with one foot in this world and one foot in that, ride it through the twilight in the smell of hawthorn and wet leaves. It’s not a comfortable ride. Maglia Tony Parker The twilight is not necessarily a comfortable place, and the hedge is knotted with thorns, with nettles, with the briar of the rose. But for those who have learned to be a part of the tangled community of the place between, it’s home, and it is beautiful.