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Lugh Invocation

We call upon you
Lugh of the long arm
Champion and leader of battle
God of many crafts and talents
There is nothing you cannot achieve
Lord of the first harvest
We invoke you, mighty Lugh
Slayer of Balor, light of the Sun
Come and hear the tales of you victories
Hail to Lugh!


We thank you Lugh, of the long arm
High king of summer
Patron of the arts
We thank you for celebrating your victories with us
Hail and farewell Lugh!

By Nicole, used here with permission

Morrigan Invocation

We call to you Morrigan, Great Queen
Mistress of death and rebirth
Guardian of the Veils
And decider of victories
You maintain the balance of life and death
And guide us to rebirth
We invoke you great sorceress
Watchful raven, steadfast mare
Come and feast on our offerings in your name
Hail to the Morrigan!


We thank you Morrigan, Phantom Queen
Guardian of the Veils
And decider of victories
We were honoured by your presence at our feast
Hail and farewell Morrigan!


By Nicole used here with permission