Lughnasadh aka Lammas-Tide 2010

Set Up
Prep & Run Through
Purification of Space
Ritual Starting Song
Purification of Participants
Salt & Water Blessing
Blessing of Participants
Tree Mediation
Hedge Laying
Quarter Calls
Spirits of Place
Light Fire
Sacred Well
Planting the World Tree
Portal Song
Deity Invocations
Ancestors & Cathbad
Witness Calls
Declaration of Purpose & Seasonal Songs
Pass Around the Corn King
Corn King Sacrifice & Chant
Open Floor to Participants & Offerings
Juice and Bread Blessing
Sacred Meal
Declaring the Peace
Farewell Witnesses
Farewell Ancestors & Cathbad
Farewell Deities
Close Well
Douse Fire
Lowering the World Tree
Spirits of Place
Quarter Calls
Hedge Harvest
Ritual Ending Chant
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Lighting Brighid’s Flame

1) Fire Temple meditation as creation of sacred space and calling of elements. Calling of Brighid.

2) The Story:

Centuries ago, the people of Ireland discovered a special place in what is now known as Kildare, which in Irish is Cill Dara: the Church of the Oak. In this sacred landscape there was a natural spring and many great oak trees grew around it. The folk began to gather there and found that the spring had healing properties. Here they made offerings, meditated, prayed and found comfort. Eventually it became a site sacred to the Celtic goddess Brighid.
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