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Morrigan Invocation

We call to you Morrigan, Great Queen
Mistress of death and rebirth
Guardian of the Veils
And decider of victories
You maintain the balance of life and death
And guide us to rebirth
We invoke you great sorceress
Watchful raven, steadfast mare
Come and feast on our offerings in your name
Hail to the Morrigan!


We thank you Morrigan, Phantom Queen
Guardian of the Veils
And decider of victories
We were honoured by your presence at our feast
Hail and farewell Morrigan!


By Nicole used here with permission

Cathbad Mighty Druid

Cathbad, mighty Druid
Who once taught heroes and advised kings
Wise Druid who was betrayed
And turned away from political power
Who broke the fetters of tradition
And wandered the wilderness as a Hedge Druid
Returning only to help his people and save his land
We (I) call to you here and ask for guidance
Lead the ancestors to this place and stand guard with them
Inspire and enlighten us (me) with your presence
Hail Cathbad the Druid!