Larunda butterfly/ moth genus (pic from Wikipedia). These are the night pollinators who help moonflowers and brugs)

This deity is from the Roman pantheon, and is regarded as both a maiden and mother goddess.

Larunda was a naiad nymph with a problem with loquatiousness. A naiad nymph is a water spirit, kind of like a sprite, which is associated with a particular body of fresh water (typically a lake, well or pond.) Whenever their water source dried up, they would die. Larunda was in charge of a well by the forum frequeneted by Juniper and his many paramors.

She was very beautiful, yet had a problem keeping silent, so was punished by the Gods, and lost her ability to speak. In some myths, she was punished for gossiping about Jupiter's libido and his wife found out.

She was sent to the underworld, but on the way, a trickster deity (per Ovid, it was Mercury) fell in love with her, hid her in a cottage in the woods, where she gave birth to cottage magic and her children, the house spirits. These spirits are called the Lares, and have a similar function to the Etruscan ancestor cults.

It is assumed that the Goddess Muta (the quiet one) is Larunda after her punishmnent.

The other theme of this story is that from a traumatic experience, growth and beauty can rise. Last week, there was a featured article in CNN about Combat Stress vs Combat Resilience. The basic premise is that some people develop a sense of purpose from their tragic events, and it makes them better people. The military is working with soldiers to teach them these life skills that will enable them to survive war on an emotional level so it does not cause shell-shock and lifelong depression and addiction.

Most modern people who study Egyptian theology focus on the weighting of the heart, and it being to heavy with sin as being an impediment for entering the Duat. This is obviously from growing up in a Judaeo- Christian society, and looking at other belief structures with their own cultural bias. Ammit will also eat hearts which are too light– ones without the experiences to make them full, rich souls deserving of entering an afterlife not of the human plane.