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Episode 1: Reeling


This episode is about 42 minutes in length and does have some swearing in it.
Opening: The very first episode! Juniper introduces herself as the host and rambles a bit about her life.

Juniper shares her plans for the show and what it’s all about. If you are interested in contributing to the show, follow the link below to the article on contributing and go to the podcast section of the forum if you wish to discuss ideas. You can send Juniper mp3 files at

In the News: Juniper talks about the Witches’ Sabbat at Raven’s Knoll, an intensive weekend of witchcraft, spirit work and the cunning arts.

Practice: Juniper reads her blog post titled “It’s all Rather a lot of Bother”, sharing some of the more difficult sides of being a spirit worker and witch.

The Witches Reel: After thanking Kellianna for allowing us to use her recording of The Witches’ Reel, we finish the show with a very sad recording of Juniper and Grey trying to sing The Witches’ Reel and doing a very bad job of it.

Stuff Mentioned:

How to contribute to the podcast

Walking the Hedge forum podcasting section

The Witches’ Sabbat at Raven’s Knoll

It’s all Rather a lot of Bother

The Witches’ Reel

Walking the Hedge Website

Juniper’s Blog

Hoofprints in the Wildwood

To Fly By Night

Body of the Goddess

When God Was a Woman

Language of the Goddess

Raven’s Knoll

Kaleidoscope Gathering

Intro Music: Is The Witches’ Reel, brought to us by Kellianna from her album The Ancient Ones (by james).

Between Segments: The frogs you hear reside at Lake Ewok on the Skywalker Ranch, how cool is that?

Special Thanks:
freeSFX for some of our sound effects!

Grey, Gypsy and Kelliana.

Contribute to the Podcast

The Walking the Hedge Podcast is run and hosted by Juniper Jeni. The podcast is an extension of the Walking the Hedge website & forum. It is a creative commons podcast; meaning that we encourage people to record segments for the show!


Topics can be just about anything related to Witchcraft, spirit work, ecstatic rites, divination, connecting with the land, folk lore, book and film reviews, and shamanic practice. We also encourage bardic work such as songs, poetry and stories. We especially encourage segments about your own personal practice and experiences, we want to hear about the life and work of the average (and not so average) Witch.


Anything you offer for the podcast must be your own work, or within copyright laws.  If you are recording a workshop or talk at an event, please ensure that you have permission from all involved to share it.


Segments should be between 3 and 30 minutes long, we suggest an average of 15 minutes. A long recording can be broken up into more than one segment and run as a multi-part series.


Make sure to introduce yourself at the start of your segment. “Pagan names” can be used.


Plugging your blog, website etc is permitted, so long as that is not the only purpose of the segment.


Cross-posting is permitted. So for example, if there is an article that you wrote for a blog or some such that you are very proud of, you may record yourself reading it and send it to us. We encourage people to also cross post at Walking the Hedge, in the articles section.


Please provide show notes. If you mention a book, blog or artist, please provide the name and a link. Also include your own name, any links to yourself you wish to share (such as a link to your Twitter account), and the subject of the segment. A small blurb about the segment is encouraged but not necessary. Here is an example:

Susan Raven talks about her favourite tarot card: The Wheel.

Susan is an avid tarot reader who gives reading at Such and Such bookstore on Fridays and Saturdays (link to bookstore here); you can find her tumbler account at (link to tumbler here).

Books mentioned:

Learning the Tarot: A Tarot Book for Beginners by Joan Bunning

The Complete Guide to the Tarot by Eden Gray


You can edit the segment yourself, or send the unedited file to Juniper to be edited. We do suggest that you edit it yourself though, as this means it will be aired sooner. Please make sure to mention whether it is edited or not! Most PCs come with at least basic sound recording and editing software, there is also free programs available, such as Audacity.


You may add a short intro to your segment, such as a little bit of music.

Record your segment a couple of times, listen to them and pick the best one. It probably won’t be the first recording.


Allow for it to be a while before your segment is aired. Juniper may hang on to segments of a similar theme to do a themed episode. You will be notified when your segment is about to be aired.


Remember, the more segments we receive the more often we can have episodes!


To submit your segment, you can email it to or put it on dropbox, or another such site, and email the link.


We are happy to receive plugs and ads for other podcasts.