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Insidious- A Witch’s Thoughts

by White Bryony

I saw this recently and thought it was actually very interesting from the perspective of someone who practises witchcraft and sprirtwork so I thought I would review and share it.

Spoiler warning: I do try to refrain from giving too heavy spoilers, and any bad ones will have a nice warning so that you can skip it if you like. I also swear a bit.

Insidious is the story of family whose kid who falls into a coma and then kinky shit starts happening. This is the kind of stuff that makes you relieved to hell and back that these kinds of spirits are seriously goddamn rare. Here’s a link to the trailer:

I’ll first get the technical non-witchy stuff out of way:

  • James Wan, your calling is to make/direct ghost stories. I know that you are extremely unlikely to ever read this, but dude, you are awesome at it.
  • The script is excellent as well. Great pacing, good dialogue- I cannot compliment the guys who made this thing enough.
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  • We need more of you in the (horror) film industry today.

  • The choice to have minimal soundtrack in the first act was a very good one
  • I also applaud the sparse use of jump scares and how well those that were used were built up and designed to further the plot. Thank you guys for putting in effort.
  • Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne were fantastic as the parents. Pat Tillman Jerseys Patrick Wilson: I will try to stop seeing you as your character in Hard Candy (though you were pretty good in that too)

  Now for the not so good stuff:

  • There was one moment with horribly conspicuous CGI. The rest of the film had been so good about CGI use that I was a little disappointed for those few seconds.
  • One of the problems in the film probably could have been solved with a decently performed exorcism in the dad’s childhood. New Balance Niño More on that later.

Ok, now that’s all done onto why I think a review of this is relevant to this site (SPOILER): ultimately the main plot is otherworld travel. I’m pretty sure that’s what a lot of people here do. Quite honestly, it could have uses as a warning thing for people who are being an idiots with their path. asics gel lyte 3 mujer Watching this can really give a powerful message of don’t cut corners or bad shit will start happening. Sure, it might not be to this extent but sweet Mother it’ll scare you into pausing to think for a moment first. For a pgan the moral of the film could almost be “If you don’t protect yourself demons will crowd around you/start feeding off you/send you into a fucking coma.” I would almost be enough of an asshole to say to a newbie who doesn’t seem to quite get what the otherworld can potentially entail “Ok look, fine you want to learn this stuff? Awesome.

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  • Watch this first. It’s not exactly realistic but it’ll really make you want to use protection. Shaun Dion Hamilton Jersey A lot of protection. And maybe a night light.” If you’re not new to the crooked paths it’s a great watch too. The parts with the otherworld travel were incredibly well executed and you can have a lot of fun (and get scared) at how completely insane everything gets. VCU Rams Jerseys At one point they call in a spiritworker of some kind whose methodology is certainly interesting and probably a good choice given her line of work… though some it might give you a laugh. Asics Pas Cher It does surprise me a little bit that I didn’t see this film get more popular among pagans who walk the crooked paths, especially given that astral travel is a huge part of the film. Ok, fine some won’t like horror but it’s so good that I would have thought I’d hear a lot more favourable word of mouth (I heard some people say good things about Paranormal Activity, after all). Is it too close to home? Are you not able to suspend your disbelief? Whatever the reason I”m going to throw a reccomendation out there if you don’t mind watching something creepy. Soldes Under Armour Now to the fear side of things. This film is very clever with its scares.

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  • In the beginning it held back where it needed to, and once shit gets real it still holds back just enough that you don’t quite know what you’re looking at. It is a very creepy film. Insidious only needed one shot to really freak me out. It involves a creepy smiling doll. Holding a shotgun. Somehow this is a horrible combination (I was thinking of trying to find a screenshot of that but it would require me looking at it again for a prolonged period of time. I really don’t want to.) It really cleverly builds suspense and tension so the climax actually ends up being a bit of a relief. The spirits in this are terrifying at times. UTEP Miners Jerseys (Don’t like creepy smiles? There’s a whole family here to freak you out!) but their motivations are pretty believable. Some of them are pretty much just wanting a go in the empty body, a couple are just being assholes. kobe 11 pas cher Ok, there is one problem I mentioned earlier and feel the need to discuss. Nike Internationalist If you don’t want a pretty major spoiler then skip this paragraph… Womens Air Jordan 3 Why on earth did they not exorcise the dad when he was a kid? Why? Part way through the film we’re told that when he was a child he had a spirit/demon attach itself to him like a parasite because he’s been projecting himself without realising and therefore without protecting himself. They stop him projecting, fine, but they don’t kick the spirit completely off. WHY? You can’t just leave it and hope it will go away- you can see it sneaking closer to him in photos. FREE RN It is clearly waiting for the chance to do something nasty. Air Jordan 9 For Kids His mother goes and speak to a decent spiritworker of some kind so why didn’t they get rid of the damn thing? If anyone else has seen this did they mention why they didn’t? That’s the only major issue I have with this film. So if anyone wants to get scared one evening watch Insidious. Sure, you might not want to do anything remotely connected to astral travel for a while (Ah. I think I might have answered a few of my questions from earlier….) but it is a really good creepy film. Maglie Orlando Magic     I almost changed my mind and stuck a picture of the doll here. You can thank me later.

    My Journey With Lilith (so far)

    Note: This, I’m afraid, will probably be long, rambling and mostly full of my own interpretations (yet also by no means exhaustive on the available information on Lilith). While I will try to put the bulk of the information in as objective a manner as possible so that you can draw your own conclusions I will be stating mine throughout this essay (I also end up sounding very obsessive with regards to historical accuracy…) I hope you stay awake through it. I’ve encountered many mentions of Lilith in my time (both before and after becoming a witch). Canotta San Antonio Spurs In my fluffy days I would never have dreamed of calling on Her (I took a similar view to Kali: leave well alone unless you know what you’re doing. Canotte All-Star I like to think I had some sense even in the bunny days). Harvard Crimson Yet earlier this year She came into my life with a bang. It started as just seeing a small reference to her in a book but quickly developed into an intense obsession. It is important to note that I have been practising for a good few years now but had not, until this point, had any deity tap me on the shoulder in this way and say ‘Look at me!’ I work very much without a patron, though there are some gods who are kind enough to listen from time to time. Nike Free Rn Flyknit Homme This meant that when Lilith emerged like this it scared the shit out of me. There was suddenly seriously stormy weather (pretty unusual for where I live) and She seemed to appear everywhere. nike air presto bambini Coincidence? Maybe. But I knuckled down to some research anyway (I like to know what I am getting myself into). My first step took me to my bookshelf. From my books I got the basics: Adam’s first wife, Her being a dark goddess and (possible) roots in Sumeria. I also learned that I disagree with the perception of Her as a crone (though more on that later). My next step was Google and a quick search gave me the obvious results: a wiki page, a few neopagan sites, a Jewish folklore site and links to heavy metal bands. Fjallraven Kanken No.2 Air Jordan 6 For Kids This search did give me some extra bits and pieces to advance my search such as the etymology of Lilith’s name being linked with the Lilitu (Sumerian spirits). One thing that quickly became apparent to me was the need to differentiate between what I call authentic myth and modern myth (these are my personal terms- there might be more ‘proper’ terminology elsewhere). Adidas Zx 750 Homme buty nike 5.0 Authentic myth is what I call the known mythologies of the ancients who actively worshipped these deities and from whose practises we base our own. Modern myth is where information has become distorted to create new mythologies that, while not accurate from a historical point of view, are often perfectly valid today though to say that these were true in the past is just being historically inaccurate. This differentiation is very important when looking into deities like Lilith as a lot of what is presented as being historically accurate (or authentic myth) is not (therefore modern myth). The biggest difficulty with trying to understand Lilith was finding Her origins. In Sumerian ‘lil’ can mean air or spirit and there are frequent mentions of ‘Lilitu’ in Sumerian documentation. To a point we can use this to suggest that Lilith has origins in Sumerian myth, though the Lilitu are more likely to be general names for spirits. Another common suggestion is that she was involved in the epic of Gilgamesh as a bird or some spirit nesting in a tree Inanna wishes to cut down for a throne. NIKE LUNARGLIDE 8

    This, however, has been rejected my modern scholars due to that particular translation being outdated and incorrect. However, looking at Lilith’s name, I do not think that you are being wildly inaccurate if you then go on to say that she has connections with spirits and/or the air. In the Akkadian language ‘lulu’ means spirit and ‘lilitu’ or ‘ardat lili’ is mentioned in reference to long haired female spirits who are very similar to later depictions of a demon Lilith (the ability to cause erotic dreams and steal male sexual vitality etc.). Montana Murphy Jersey We also have a terracotta relief, often called the ‘Queen of the Night’ (pictured below along with a view of how it looked when painted) showing a woman with wings and bird claws. For a time historians suggested that this might be an image of the ancient Mesopotamian Lilith however it is becoming more likely that it shows Inanna, Ishtar or Ereshkigal (a figure who does bear a few similarities to Lilith). Nike Air Max 2016 Dames roze This is where we have to differentiate between authentic myth, modern myth and just plain historical inaccuracy: to the people who made this relief it likely represented Inanna/Ishtar or Ereshkigal (just read the descent of Inanna and the similarities become glaring between these goddesses and the figure on the relief) though to some people nowadays it has become an image of Lilith (i.e. It has become a kind of modern myth) but saying that it was Lilith initially is not accurate. My personal conclusion from all this was that yes, Lilith probably does have origins in the ancient middle east though anyone saying that She had any kind of cult in these areas is being extremely inaccurate as there is absolutely no evidence to support it. She started out as a demon/ succubus, not as a goddess who was gradually demonised (apologies to those who like that version of events). Asics Gel Lyte 3 Femme Beige The etymology of Her name likely suggests a connection to the air and the natures of these Mesopotamian spirits suggests a connection to storms. Air Jordan 1 Uomo

    Next we move on to the Abrahamic version of Lilith (where we get even more confused). adidas superstar rose gold femme The story of Lilith as Adam’s first wife comes from a combination of Jewish folklore and a work of medieval satire called the Alphabet of Ben Sira. In Jewish folklore Lilith is, again, a demonic figure. She is there to make trouble at childbirth and prey on children. She is overtly sexual, ready to ruin the restraint of men and force them to succumb to their lusts and desires. Nike Kobe The story of Lilith as Adam’s first wife originates (as far as anyone can tell) from the Alphabet of Ben Sira which is… controversial to say the least (I recommend looking it up). air max 2017 goedkoop The passage about Lilith is what it is most well known for. nike pas cher It begins with the son of King Nebuchadnezzar falling ill and Ben Sira creating an amulet to protect the child with the names of three angels inscribed upon it (in English: Senoy, Sansenoy and Semangelof). When Nebuchadnezzar asks about the amulet Ben Sira recounts the story of Adam’s creation from dust and his becoming lonely. To combat this God takes more dust and creates Lilith but when Adam and Lilith go to lie with one another they disagree and argue. Adam, who was made first, wishes Lilith to go below so he can assert his superiority. Lilith argues that since they were both made from the same dust they ought to lie together as equals. When she sees that they will never agree Lilith speaks the True Name of God and flies away from Eden. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren Adam then begs God to bring Lilith back. God sends out three angels to find her and tells Adam that if she agrees to return then everything is ok, but if she does not then she will have to permit a hundred of her children to die every day (it is suggested that when she left she slept with a large number of demons). The angels find Lilith by the Red Sea where the Egyptians drowned in the story of Moses. Lilith refuses to return with the angels so they threaten to drown her in the waters. She tells them to leave her, as her purpose is to cause sickness to infants over whom she has dominion (the boys until the eighth day upon which they are circumcised and the girls for twenty days). She continues to refuse to return to Eden but swears that if she sees the angels’ names upon amulets then she will leave the children alone. Lilith’s name in the Hebrew is also supportive of her as a creature of the night (the root lyl or layil means night). Later texts further credit Lilith as being the serpent in Eden who orchestrated the Fall (also, Lilith’s leaving Eden before the Fall means that she is immortal, unlike Adam and Eve). This story has gradually evolved so that Lilith has become a symbol of feminine power and independence. Both Lilith and Eve are mothers, but while Eve is caring, gentle and submissive, Lilith is the Dark Mother. Her children are demons and she will fight to be considered equal to man and not submit to him. Nike Air Max 87 Femme

    Some interpret the story of Her as the serpent in Eden as meaning that She wished to offer women the chance to be superior to man and be able to assert themselves over him. This leads us on to the modern sources on Lilith which generally combine all I have said above. There is very little in the way of ritual on Lilith save for one that is somewhat infamous on Christian sites (I will include a link to it at the end of this essay). While I doubt that I will take part in this ritual anytime soon I do like one of the invocations to Lilith particularly its first line: “Dark is she but radiant!” In my opinion you are unlikely to find a sentence that will describe Lilith better. Jalen Hurts Alabama Jersey

    When it comes to modern sources on Lilith I have two main problems: one, the assignment of Her to crone and, two, the lack of historical accuracy. asics femme pas cher It is extremely unlikely that she ever was a goddess who was demonised. As I said earlier, it is the other way round: she is a demon who has become a goddess. So who is Lilith to me? She is a fighter, in control of Herself and her own sexuality. Texas A&M Aggies Jerseys As the dark side of the mother figure (if you feel you have to box Her into one of the archetypes) She will not be a gentle cushioning presence. She may show me aspects of my own darker side but if any fighting needs doing I will have to do it myself. I have to hold my own in any relationship with Lilith as allowing the dark to take over entirely is not healthy- balance is required. She is a being of storms; she has wings and talons. My practise as a witch has long had a focus on the wind and air (sylphs really kick started my neopaganism) My journey with Lilith was put on a hold around two months ago when I really had to start work on my A levels (fingers crossed for results) but I do hope that She will let me continue to have some kind of relationship with Her. Sure, She terrifies me, but it is a kind of awe that not many gods seem to inspire in me (I do not scare easily). Nike Air Huarache Asics Gel Lyte 3 Her message to not submit and to fight back if fighting is necessary is one that is a part of my personal philosophy and her nature as a wind/storm deity fits me as my practise with wind and air. Maybe one day She will let me have Her as a matron. To all of you who managed to bear all of that and stay awake: thank you. San Antonio Spurs   References (sorry for not putting it in Havard but after all this writing I’m feeling lazy): Ode to Lilith by Michele Butot The Queen of the Night relief is currently on exhibition in the British Museum and, if you can go there, I do recommend checking it out. And the rest of the Mesopotamian exhibition- the winged bulls are beautiful.