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Example: Compass Rose/Sacred Landscape


“I invoke the knolls to the North, that guard the entrance to this land

I invoke the Name-sakes

Upon the Seat of Ravens

Upon the signs that guided the Folk, when first we sought the sacred places.

Be for us guardians and waypoints

Help us find the roads we seek,

and guide us safely home again.

Hail the Knolls!”

“I invoke the wetlands to the East

I invoke the fragile, liminal space

The bridge between earth and water

That shelters sacred creatures

And hides secrets of its own.

Be for us a guide on uncertain, twisting paths

Help us understand the treacherous ways of bog and mist

Teach us to walk on trackless ways, unerring.

Hail the Swamp!

“I invoke our folk fire to the South-East

I invoke the hearth fire that we left burning behind us

To the bonds forged in frith, and laughter and speech

To the safe place, that keeps back the night

Be for us a memory, and an anchor to hold in our hearts

Though we fare forth into dark places

Help us remember that there is safety at our backs

Help us hold to our courage.

Hail the Fire!

“I invoke the Sacred Well to the North-West

I invoke the Land-Heart

To the place of sacrifice

To the entrance of the Underworld.

Be for us a gate, a portal

A way between

And although it is all too easy to slip beneath your waters

Grant us also passage back to Midgard

When we journey back again.

Hail the Well!

“I invoke the dusky skies above us

I invoke the cool promise of night air,

To the ever-wandering clouds

And the timeless, steadfast stars

Be for us a reminder of the vastness of universe

Help us understand that we are but tiny, fleeting sparks

in an eternal, shoreless night.

Help us to remember that we are fragile, and fallible.

Hail the night!

“I invoke very heart of the Land

I invoke the spirit of the place called Raven’s Knoll

To this land that is old as time

But is still as fresh and new to us as the first blossoms of spring

Fear us not, for we come in friendship

Though our efforts may be at times imperfect

Help us learn your wild ways

That we may heal each other of our hurts.

Hail to Raven’s Knoll!

“Here I lay the Compass Rose


Here I mark the sacred landscape that surrounds us


Way posts and trackways to guide us there and back again


Here, where we will find the crossroads


Here, where the worlds shall meet


Within and without, above and below


Drawn into the centre


Where the needfire binds them


Hail the crossroads!


~ By Grey


Spirits of Place – Before a Working

I call to the spirits of this place
To the rocks and trees and wild things

Permit us to perform our Craft here

Have courage, for we mean you no harm

Know you are welcome to join us

If you do so, be it in joy and peace

Know you are free to avoid our workings and leave

Until our ritual is at an end

We offer this humble gift

In gratitude for your hospitality
Hail spirits of this place!