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Elder Flower Honey

Elder usually blooms here in June.
You can get some fresh honey from a local beekeeper and infuse it with elder blossoms. Don’t know any beekeepers? Ask at your local farmers’ market. Try to buy honey that has just been harvested: i.e., it’s still runny and not yet crystallized.


(Crystallized honey is not bad, but it doesn’t work for this project. If you have to you can gently warm honey in a pot of water on your stove, but its temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius, and NEVER microwave honey.)


Anyway, pour your honey into a slightly larger glass then add 2 or 3 fresh elder blooms.


Leave them there for 2-3 weeks, then take out the blossoms.


You will have honey that smells wonderful and can be used for hot or cold drinks and it also has the medicinal properties of elder.


Any extra blossoms can be battered and fried. Try adding a little nutmeg to the batter. Yum, yum!