Other Things You Can Worry About

Sooooooo … I take a break from blogging (new job and such) and the bloggosphere goes bonkers, hand wringing over Pagans who cover their hair and the dreaded chubby Pagan. I thought I would offer you guys some better things to fret over. Here goes, in no particular order:


  • The rampant boozing. Seriously, we drink a lot. In ritual, around the camp fire, Pagan meet and greets are often held in pubs, whatever. It’s like we are a religion of alcoholics. I’m not against drinking, I like to drink, but seriously, it’s like we are all invested in destroying our livers. I’ve known of groups who swore oaths of non-drinking for a time and it was this Big Deal. I get that booze is a sacred liquid in our religious body, but seriously, WTF?
  • How about smoking? Lots of Pagans smoke. You can start forest fires with that shit. Also second hand smoke.
  • Bug spray. I hate that stuff. I’m allergic. Don’t fucking hug me when you’re wearing it!
  • Pagans who are not environmentally friendly. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen a Pagan leave a ritual all about Mother Earth only to huck garbage into the shrubbery. I want to beat those people over the head with a large and heavy object.
  • People who get offended when you don’t want to be hugged and who insist on invading your personal space.
  • People who are rude about it when refusing a hug, or who act like you just tried to molest them.
  • Pagans who seem to think the world revolves around them. No sweetie, the mass of mosquitoes you stumbled into is not a sign from the goddess that you shouldn’t do ritual here. It’s a low, wet, shaded area and that’s where mosquitoes like to hang out.


  • Those crazy as fuck Pagans who think they are reincarnated space elves from planet zooboo.
  • The creepy, might be a molester, guy who for some reason we all tolerate.
  • Online teachers who charge ridiculous amounts of money to seekers who think that they are going to get special Mysteries and wind up getting a load of crap you can find for free at sacredtexts.com
  • Pagans who show up for events and community things, but who never pitch in.
  • The idiots who treat vendors like babysitters for their children at festivals and gatherings.
  • People who barter with vendors and craftsmen, trying to low ball them.
  • The stuck up High Priest/ess type who treats everyone like a lower life form.
  • People who fuck in front of children. Seriously, go back to your tent for that.
  • People who bring their children to the drumming circle well after bedtime, when things are getting “romantic”
  • Pagans who heckle the Bardic Circle, and not in a nice way.
  • Pagans who still use the term “Fluffy Bunny”. Ugh, can’t we let that shit die already?
  • Pagans who want to white wash everything for public consumption.

Or … you know what? I have a better idea. Let’s talk about how to build community. How to be more inclusive. Let’s talk about the future, like paid clergy. Let’s talk about building temples. Let’s talk about how we can better share knowledge. Let’s talk about how we can grow and mature as a religious body and as a community.

Because you know what? Whether or not someone covers their hair or is overweight doesn’t fucking matter.

Thank you, that is all.

6 thoughts on “Other Things You Can Worry About”

  1. As someone who does not drink, I have been often pressured to or made to feel not welcome at events or open circles. It’s nice to see that someone else recognized that drinking is an issue in the pagan community…seems like the majority find it to acceptable to have drunken sex in front of kids and complete strangers. Not cool, dudes.

  2. Gee, you are asking a lot out of the masses here. Who wants to build community when we can just continue with our little cliques and never experience anything different? :twisted:

  3. Why is it such a problem if people CHOOSE to cover their hair? I once read a lovely article about Hestia worshippers who cover their hair when practising and I saw (and still see) no problem with it. I thought we were a religious community that advocated religious freedom?
    As for the whitewashing… That’s given us deities who aren’t allowed to be anything other than nice which constantly annoys me.

  4. - Totally seconding the drinking, it is an issue.
    – The concept of Pagans who aren’t “green” disgusts me. I know that technically not everything dumped under the branch of “pagan” is Earth-revereing, but don’t tell me you love the Mother Goddess and then
    – I hate low-ball barters because they ruin it for people who want to genuinely barter.

    My problem with the “chubby pagans” argument is the fact that people are missing the point. It goes back to the health-versus-weight argument. A pagan who doesn’t care about their physical heath, who doesn’t treat their body as the proverbial temple, that should be the issue.

    (Confused about covering hair. How is that different than choosing to wear a pentacle or whatever? Am I missing something?)

    I’ve been wondering for a decade why there isn’t more discussion about building temples.

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