Put Down that Book


Put away the how-to books for a little while. What further instruction do you need?

Read no more poetry, no eddas, and no hymns. Just throw back your head and pour out your heart.

Read no folklore, no more myths, and no sagas. Put pen to paper and compose your own.

Sing no songs or chants you already know. Sing no verses you have not made up on the spot.

Just for a little while.

Do not dance to the usual beat, pretend that you forgot the spiral dance. No more dance moves taught in a workshop or book. Dance with the wind, dance to the dripping of rain from leaves.

Do not rely on the magickal correspondences of herbs as written by another. Spend some time, and ask the plants yourself.

Forgo the script and the ritual outline. Pick up a stick, take a deep breath and just go. Shouldn’t you know what to do by now?

Forget the fancy prose and weird terminology and practised speech. Pull up a chair, pour a drink and chat with your spirits and gods like old friends for a change.

Just for a little while.

Give in and give up. Shout at the wind. Be unfettered and free.

Step out of your comfort zone. Just for a while.

Rely on your wits and the things you’ve been researching all this time. Rely on your instincts and the practice you have put in. Rely on the relationship you’ve been building with the unseen.

Summer is coming and with it the storms of the season. Give in to that rumbling rhythm in the distance.

Put down that book, come along with me. Unbind your hair, pick up your stick, lace up your boots and let’s go find some adventure out there.

13 thoughts on “Put Down that Book”

  1. You always seem to know the perfect way to say what I need to hear! Thank you for those wonderful advices. As hard as it is to let go of my books sometimes, I need to follow my instincts. Thank you for reminding me :)

  2. I am new to your blog, but I love this post! It is so perfect to the situation that I am going through now. Thank you so much for the most astute thing I have read in a very long time!

  3. I SO loved reading this, thank you Jeni!
    Books are great, they really are. But nothing compares to personal practice and getting your hands dirty! :smile:

  4. Love this !!- I’ve had some very similar sentiments lately, being prodded off my crooked path and being told to, ” Step away from where others had walked before, wander into the deep heart of the forest, let go and live it.” I hear so many warning against the dangers of foregoing some traditions and rituals and truly finding your own path, and honestly, there is some truth to their statements, one cannot explore the unknown without courting a bit of danger. But it is the unexplored and unknown that initially drew so many of us to our paths, and it is in the wilderness where we will find our gods, spirits and our true selves. Just think of the first witches, those who blazed the first trails for us, they were no wiser, no less imperfect than us, just more daring and curious. Yes curiosity killed the cat, but it is the meat and potatoes of the witch. In the words of Tyler Durdin , “I don’t want to die without any scars”. Thanks again Juniper.

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