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A friend of ours has been missing for over a week now. His last known whereabouts was at his home, performing a ritual in an attempt to contact some spirit or another. You can find out more details at: Kakophonos Internet Radio.

I once had a friend who dabbled in ceremonial magick, he once summoned some … thing (demon?) … and it more or less ran amok in his house. My friend went and stayed at his girlfriend’s place for a few days before he finally worked up the balls to ask a more knowledgeable practitioner to help him with his problem and clear the thing out of his house. I can only hope that a similar scenario is what is going on with Rikki.

I have done a Collection casting on the matter and this is what it says:


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The tooth is laying over the antique ring which does indicate some kind of communication with the dead, which is exactly what Rikki was doing last we heard from him.

In the centre of the cloth we have: The petrified wood rests at the base of the rowan stick and these are connected to the lightening stick, the amethyst, the yew stick and the foot bone. This to me reads something like:

“The foundation of the matter is an otherworld journey or contact with the otherworld, this brought about a bolt from the blue or something sudden and unexpected, it is causing some kind of fundamental change and also a journey of some kind.”

Most changes are journeys of course, but I am wondering if in this case it means something like the story of my friend, the otherworldly contact cause some kind of unexpected result and now Rikki is on the run?

I am interested in how the pieces in the centre relate to those in the east, you can see the ivy stick wrapping around the amethyst and also running over the juniper block, with tiger eye and sea shell against it. I read it as thus:

“There is some kind of mental and emotional blockage and that is what is surrounding the issue, but this blockage can be breached and spirituality/faith can help with this.”

Also in the east is another configuration. Interestingly, the hawthorn is also holding the amethyst in its fork. It is paired up with the apple stick and the matches:

“Spirituality and witchcraft, along with contact with the fae, is dangerous or caused danger. Perhaps danger of an intellectual sort or is dangerous to the mind.”

Maybe Rikki’s wits were addled by this otherworldly contact, or maybe he was just scared shitless.

To the west there is a large configuration that also connects to the one in the centre. The cedar stick runs from the centre configuration to the western one, rose quartz rests against the old key, within the key is the jingle bell, the key is pointing to the red stone, there is also turtle facing towards centre, the USA coin is underneath the black stone and the predator tooth, the predator tooth points towards the clear quartz:

“Spiritual purification is the bridge between. The key to this mystery is grounded in love, at the heart to unlocking this mystery is music and the arts, with lots of resources we can bring about the silver lining or a good outcome, passion will fuel this. There will be a hunt or search, but with these resources it will lead to clarity or a resolution. Hurry up.”

There has already been a candle lit vigil and a friend of Rikki was sadly inspired to write a song lamenting the disappearance of his friend; this seems to be reflected in the jingle bell (which symbolizes art and music) that sits inside the key. It also seems those of us who love Rikki must continue the search in haste but there is a possibly positive outcome. This is heartening!

There is also the holed coin and the juniper stick together in the east: A lack of loving resources in the mind ??? I am not sure.

At the edge of the west and south sits the goddess charm upside down and the rabbit bone. It seems that female deity does not want to be involved or is not strongly influencing this situation.

The Acorn is also on its way out, in the north. It seems male deity is also not involved or is on its way out as well.

The deer fur, the deer button and the green stone are all on the edges and I feel they may not be part of this reading.

Come home Rikki! We love you!

6 thoughts on “Missing Friend Casting”

  1. I agree with Wendy, the pressure outside my home was staggering. I am absolutely fascinated with your casting here, Juniper, even under the current circumstances.

    The variables involved simply don’t make sense in this….it is my feeling that he ran in fear of something that he conjured. That sounds cowardly…something scared him is all really. But being gone for a week is what is baffling me.

    Keep me posted!


  2. Wassail once more!

    I just listened to the rather interesting recording of Mr. LaCoste in his ritual. It was disturbing to listen to, to be sure, but what got to me was the yell and the clarity of the supernatural sounds. To me it sounded like a very angry cat, but I do not know if he has a cat that could make that sound followed by horrendous tearing noises. I am skeptical, of course, but I usually am about such things. I will have to listen to it again.

    I keep getting images of a forest.


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